Human Subject Research Resource and Education Program

 The seven modules making up this resource are:


Introduction/Ethical Overview

Informed Consent

Minimizing probability of harm and increasing the possibility of benefit in human subject research

Protecting Subject’s Confidentiality and Privacy

Selection and Recruitment of Subjects

Monitoring Research Data, Auditing Protocols and Reporting Adverse Events

Protecting Vulnerable Subjects



Why was this website developed?

This website was developed as one product of a National Institutes of Health human subjects protection enhancement grant. It was developed to fulfill one of the grant’s goals - to develop educational materials that will expand investigators’ and IRB members’ knowledge of human subject protections and deepen their understanding of ethical issues associated with human subjects research. The site provides very practical advice and tools to assist investigators in optimizing the scientific and ethical aspects of their research protocols.


“This website was made possible by grant number 2 S07 RR 18252-02 from the National Center for Research Resources (NIH). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NCRR or NIH.”